I was born in a little blue house tucked into the green hills of Pennsylvania. Now I live in the city. And not just any city, either; I live in arguably one of the greatest cities of the world: New York City. Sometimes I miss the stars, but lucky for me, I don’t miss bright and shiny too much, because, come on!

Times Square.

Moving on.

I’m grateful to have performed on stages all over the place–specifically, the US, Japan, Korea, and Canada. And I’m not done. Not by a long shot, I hope. Recently, someone captured me in an impromptu performance on the NYC subway and then put it on youtube. The video went viral, with a million hits in just over a week. Basically, it was a flashlight, shining a light into my dark little corner, allowing the world to see me do what I do. I appreciate this. And I love this journey. All of it. Where it’s taken me and where it’s going to take me. It’s all life and all of it matters and I can’t stop singing and writing about it.

So I’m not even gonna try.