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When someone is mean I try to remember they’re making lots of noise because they’re scared. 

Then I have a choice to help them be a little quieter and a little less afraid. 

Then I’m not simply victim to their unkindness, reacting like a boomerang–only flying because it was thrown by another, with no say on where it lands. 

I’m someone whose power is realized in her ability to make choices. 
I’m not base. I’m not a victim. I create my life. 


Woke up thinking about a lady I met in the park yesterday. She wasn’t kind, even when she saw my baby fall down and get hurt (Charlee is okay). 
Life is a great effort to constantly push past those first feelings. The hot, demanding, reactionary ones that feel so good and powerful in the moment. But what if we require something better, kinder, gentler of ourselves? And I’m not talking about never being angry; lots of things happen in this world that deserve our anger. I’m talking about feeling all of the feelings that make up a heart and soul, but still choosing love, compassion, and mercy. Still choosing to listen to others. Still choosing to wonder how life may be and feel from the inside of someone else’s shoes. 

Ps it’s 6:30 am and my baby’s still sleeping. If you know me and my early bird Charlee, you know this is reason to get up and make some celebratory pancakes. It’s also Friday. Can I get a TGIF all up in here? Maybe even hashtag that ish. 

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