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Weekend wishes.

Posted By on May 1, 2016 in Loved Ones, motherhood, Thoughts and Feelings | 0 comments

It’s Sunday night and there’s a tiny bit of grieving that comes with it. I mean the weekend is always so fleeting, guys. It’s Friday and then it’s Monday morning and you’re like WHAT HAPPENED. 

But a lot, actually; a lot happened. 

Copious amounts of walks and conversations that involve the kind of laughter to make you feel like whatever it took to get here was absolutely worth it. 

We had a guest over for dinner on Saturday night and I cooked lots of things: fresh bread that had to rise three whole times because it’s way more high maintenance than my hair. Salmon filets. A big salad with candied pecans (I feel like it’s a little sacrilege to put candied anything on a salad, but then I also believe in food tasting really really good, and it’s not like the salad didn’t have completely UN-candied vegetables in it, too) and dressing I made by squeezing limes and throwing in different spices and some olive oil and measuring none of it at all. And I served a cranberry tart for dessert–mostly because whenever I ask TJ what I should make for dessert, he always says cranberry tart. Like, there are so many desserts in this world, why would you confine me to a non-compete with cranberry tarts? But every once in a while, I will appease him and make the darn thing. Call it love or something. 

The dinner was a success and we went to bed that night with our apartment nice and neat–even Charlee’s daunting pile of toys was tucked away back in her room, rather than playing king of the mountain in our living room like it usually does. 

I’m also going to bed tonight with the apartment neat. Two nights in a row feels like some sort of roll. Or, you know, also known as normal if you’re like organized, I guess. 

Sidenote: I just executed a heroic/ninja act. I noticed on Charlee’s monitor that her little foot was stuck between the slats of her crib, so I crept silently and cat-like into her room, freed her foot from its holding place, and was out just as noiselessly as I came in. I did steal a glance at her perfect little face and I did fall in love for the fifth time since Friday. 

I also got to sit at my piano and play music for a while. Uninterrupted, you guys. TJ took Charlee shopping and me and Luna lived back home. I think we both appreciated being left alone for a little while, is the thing. 

So the weekend went quickly, but it was full and another one is already on its way. In the meantime, Monday isn’t exactly a baked banana, as my mom would say. In between teaching classes, me and Charlee have a date to go get some acai bowls in the north end with my sister. 

Hope your Monday has an acai bowl or two in it, as well. Or at least something just as good. 

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