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1st time at the ER (everyone is fine). 

Posted By on June 23, 2015 in motherhood, Thoughts and Feelings | 0 comments

You guys, I don’t know why we get such a gift, but here it is: a healthy baby. I spend a lot of time grateful. I could spend all my time grateful and it wouldn’t match this gift. 
So it is in this same vein of gratitude that I tell you our first trip with Charlee to the ER was great because we really didn’t need to be there. And it was also annoying because we really didn’t need to be there–but in the grand scheme of things, that’s great. 
It’s Saturday night and Charlee is practicing her brand new skill of sitting up. She is on a carpeted floor and she rolls back and bumps her head. I pick her right up and she stops crying within a minute. No bump, no bruising, nothing to cause alarm.
Except for the fact that she has a pretty crummy night of sleep. Come Sunday morning, Charlee is up at 6:30 and TJ and I are both tired. He has the idea that maybe her bad night of sleep could have something to do with bumping her head, and asks me to call the nurse hotline. 
I do out of respect for him, but I know Charlee is fine. She’s just six months old. She’s a baby; sometimes baby don’t sleep the way adults do. Actually, that happens a lot of times. 
The nurse goes through a bunch of routine questions. 
How far did she fall? 
She was sitting on the floor. 
How long did she cry? 
Less than sixty seconds.
Any bumps or bruising? 
Is she moving her arms and legs? 
Did she vomit? 
(Side note: if I’d say yes to any of these, she would already BE at the ER!)

How many times did she wake up last night? 

Once–but stayed awake for two hours. 
Charlee passes the questions with flying colors. Which is why I am surprised when the nurse advises I bring her in. 
To the ER. On Sunday morning. Actually, Father’s Day morning. 
“Her Doctor will follow up with you tomorrow,” she tells me, sealing the deal that we really have to bring her in. At this point, I couldn’t just tell her doctor we didn’t follow the nurse’s advice. 
Charlee has just fallen back to sleep when I have to break the number one rule and wake my sleeping baby to put her in the car seat. We go to the ER. The doctor walks in and asks me how far she fell. 
“She didn’t,” I say, “She was already sitting on the floor–she rolled backwards.” 
“She didn’t fall?” 
“She’s fine,” he says, flatly, before doing a routine check, confirming just that. 
Hi! We’re first time parents! Can you tell? 
Also, since it was Father’s Day, I had bought us tickets to see Jurassic World as a surprise for TJ. 
Um, we didn’t get to go. 
And ps: don’t worry, I don’t think we’ll bring Charlee to the ER every time she’s grumpy. 

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