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“I’m messing with you!”

Posted By on June 27, 2013 in Thoughts and Feelings | 2 comments

It’s midnight.
There’s the last vestiges of rain in the air and the grass is a witness to this.
The air is heavy, one of those rare times when the clouds are so curious, that they’ve simply left their post in the sky. They’ve climbed down to earth and are sitting on the streets and wetting the branches of the trees.
I remember as a little girl finding this to be wonderful. My pop would be driving, my mom sitting shotgun, and all the rest of us in various seat-belts in the van.
And then I’d see the the clouds were among us!
The dark and winding Pennsylvania roads were obscured by their ghostly forms all around me. I was pretty sure it was the closest thing I’d ever get to walking through walls, driving through those clouds the way we did.
But back to tonight. To midnight, tonight.
I’m taking Luna on her last little walk before the long stretch till morning. It’s a little remote, so we make it quick. I pick her back up and hurry towards the light of my building’s lobby.
The doorman is there. He knows me. He has a sister with my name; I have a brother with his. Luna is a furry, somewhat wriggly bundle in my arms as I reach to open the door with my one free hand.
It’s locked.
I look up at the doorman and we make eye contact–surely he’s unlocked the door now, so I pull at the handle again.
No dice.
I look at him helplessly as he smirks and, finally, I see him push the button that allows me entrance.
It’s now past midnight.
I smile weakly at him, expecting an apology for whatever backfired with the door.
Instead he says, “I’m messing with you!”
And beams.
Apparently, his messing with me at midnight while I’m holding a puppy who is growing so fast, she probably gained a whole pound on this late night walk, makes him very happy indeed.
And hey! I’m all for a good joke.
But not when I’m exhausted and I’m holding a dog and all I want to do is come in out of the damp, cool night and then go to bed.
I nodded and said, “Oh!”
He smiled, one of his earbuds hanging lackadaisically over his shoulder.
There are worse jokes, for sure, but I’m thinking nobody loves being messed with past midnight, holding a live animal, and just trying to get home.


  1. Rob the first June 27, 2013

    I have a KEY that lets me into my apartment. It’s awesome. And it never messes with me. You should look into it;) In all seriousness, I would hate having a doorman. When I was in NYC at the hotel they would always wish me a good day when I left and say, “Welcome back”, when I returned. I’m not sure why, but I find that really annoying. Sometimes I would just yell, “You’re not my mother! Stop judging me!” j/k I guess I prefer coming and going without anyone noticing, and certainly without anyone acknowledging it. And the whole idea of a doorman is baffling to me. I mean…I can open a door. I do it all the time, in fact.

    • jessica June 30, 2013

      haha I can totally see how that can be annoying!

      And I have a key, too–but generally, they just press a button from their desk and unlock the door FOR me. This guy led me to believe he was doing that…and that’s actually really nice, since it’s hard to fumble with a key when you’re holding a squirming puppy!

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