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Good news/bad news.

Posted By on June 10, 2013 in Funny Stuff, Thoughts and Feelings | 4 comments

The good news is I made a whole carrot cake and it’s delicious. The bad news is I made a whole carrot cake and it’s delicious and IT’S HERE. Like, with nothing to do but be eaten. We should give carrot cakes jobs, so that they’re busy and we’re distracted from stuffing our mouths with them.

The good news is somebody sent me to get a massage last week. The bad news is I drank too much water on the way to getting that massage and so, halfway through, had to, you know, go. I eventually excused myself, but not without first wasting too many precious minutes just trying to will my bladder to SHUT UP ALREADY.

The good news is I went home last week for a visit! The bad news is I don’t get to go home this week for a visit. And the people at home are currently all high-five-ing each other AT THE BEACH.

The good news is that, suddenly, now when I walk through my lobby holding an adorable puppy, the doorman is wreathed in smiles, can’t open the door fast enough for me, can’t make enough eye contact, and, hello, greet me. The bad news is, when I am without the adorable puppy, the doorman is back to his stony faced self and it’s like all the progress we had made in the presence of Luna never even happened. I call this the Luna factor. Seriously, if everyone in the world were forced to conduct their lives in the presence of an adorable puppy, I am pretty sure the crime rate would be a lot lower and Bin Laden wouldn’t have even been a problem. For, how can one plot terrorist acts of doom and destruction when there are puppies at hand?!

The good news is I got booked to play the Outside the Box Festival here in Boston next month. The bad news is it’s on the 20th–I am playing the 18th and 19th in DE and the 24th in NYC, and now I have to be back in Boston in between all that. Hello, E-Z pass.

The good news is I now have a small, furry animal who wants to be by my side ALL THE TIME. The bad news is I physically cannot be by her side at all hours of the day and night, so sometimes this little girl cries. And have you ever heard a puppy cry? It breaks my heart and pulls on every single co-dependent heart string within me. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s for everyone’s good–her crying it out–and that it’s even good for her.

The good news is I got an amazing new looping pedal for my birthday. The bad news is it’s, like, the hardest, most frustrating thing I feel I’ve ever attempted. And guys, this includes that mess I lived through three years ago. It also includes that time my cilia just died on me when I was three years old, earning me a one-way trip to the Children’s Hospital. Oh, and there’s more good news here (there usually is, by the way): my cilia is no longer dead!

The good news is I have a puppy and she has me. 

Now don’t mind me if I end on a positive note!



  1. Pop June 11, 2013

    A ONE-WAY trip to Children’s Hospital? You never came back? Then who is this Jessica impersonator who has masqueraded as our daughter for about twenty-five years?

    Yes, the good news is that dogs and humans bond so tightly that sweet love flows. The bad news is that dogs and humans bond so tightly that they never want to be apart!

    We’ll eat a crab in your honor tonight at Bethany Beach. Miss you and wish you were with us!

    Love, Pop

    • jessica June 11, 2013

      I WISH I WAS THERE, TOOOOO! It’s not right that I’m not. Ugh. Good thing I am just not able to come, rather than dead, though, huh? Silver lining!

      And yes, little Luna is in love, as am I–but I still need to have boundaries, as is necessary in any healthy relationship. So sometimes she has to entertain herself, which, to hear HER go on and on about it, you’d think I was stringing her upside down by her floppy, silky ears!

      And lol, I suppose I was wrong about the one-way ticket–I did, after all, come back!

  2. peaj June 11, 2013

    “so sometimes this little girl cries”

    I thought that this was a self-reference until I read the next sentence.

    I truly am sorry that you cannot be with the Latshaw cohort at the beach. It seems wrong.

    Eat your cake.

    • jessica June 11, 2013

      hahaha PJ, I haven’t cried about that…YET. But I did start to get all emotional thinking about her being an old dog…I was like, “HOLD ON, LATSHAW! SHE’S STILL A PUPPY!!!!!” Sometimes i jump too far ahead and it’s not good for anyone!

      And I think I will eat my cake:)

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