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Yes, the caps locks are necessary, because MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.

And I gotta say that I’m a big fan of the changes that I precipitate–rather than the changes that are simply thrust upon me with no say in the matter.


I set my alarm for 2am today to check on Luna.


THIS little animal:

The vet said she looks like a baby elephant. And that her belly is on the larger side. At seven weeks, I will not worry about that. If, however, she grows up to be an elephant with a huge belly–then, I will probably look into it. Actually, the baby elephant part was a compliment. Who doesn’t want to look like a baby elephant?

She was sleeping soundly at 2am, so I re-set the alarm for 3:45. She was still sleeping soundly, so I just watched her for a bit, unsure of what to do. All the books say she cannot hold it for this long, but there she was: holding it. So I woke her up. Poor thing was startled. Then I made it worse by taking her out of her crate and down all these floors and outside.

Cause, Luna, even if you are showing me that you can, in fact, hold it, the books say you can’t!

Guys, sometimes I just don’t know what to do. Like, at all. I suppose this is how everyone feels one time or another–and I am sure all you parents out there are smiling and nodding and just wishing you could tell me, “Just wait till you have kids!” but you can’t, since I am not within hearing distance from you.

You could leave that in the comments, though. I mean, if you really really want me to know that you’re thinking, “Just wait till you have kids!”

It’s interesting. We all try our best to do the very best for those whom we love. But, sometimes it feels a lot like that dream where you are driving a car and cannot even remotely see the road in front of you.

Am I the only one who has had that dream? You don’t want to crash and you are trying to hug the curves, but OHGOSH OHGOSH OHGOSH, you cannot see the curves, let alone hug them!

You do your best.

You have no idea if you’re going the right way.

The same goes for the current situation in which the few are telling me to go on and walk your dog! She’ll be fine! Versus the rest, who tell me about all the harmful things that come from walking her as of yet UN-vaccinated seven week old self and hey! How bout using a peepee pad until she’s almost four months old?!

Needless to say, I am walking her. Not letting her around any dogs that I don’t know (and since I know a sum total of zero dogs in Boston, that makes it an easy equation to figure out) and keeping her from dog parks and places with lots and lots of germs, but I am not having a lab go on a peepee pad. Not on my watch.

Seriously, I could have gotten a chihuahua if I’d wanted that.

(not that it’s bad, mind you–just saying it’s not in fitting with a lab)

So far, my decisions must not be so terrible, since it’s the end of day two with Luna and she is still breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, and eliminating. I guess I am hugging the curves, so to speak, after all. Huzzah!

And today, we celebrated TJ’s birthday, Luna-edition. Meaning, we couldn’t go far. So I packed a picnic lunch to eat on top of an amazing red, white, and blue striped picnic blanket that would make the 4th of July downright jealous.

We walked to a deserted part of a park and watched Luna happily chew on anything she could possibly find while we, in turn, chewed on chicken salad just as happily.

The sun was warm and brilliant in the sky and the entire month of June felt like a good omen stretched before us. At our feet, there was a grey little puppy who looks at the world like it’s either the Please Touch Museum on crack or nap time at the Senior Center, no middle ground, really, with her. And there was each other. Different and in love, and attempting to paint the world beautiful through differing mediums, yet trying wholeheartedly just the same.

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