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    • Peaj: Wow, how very scary. I’m glad that she is okay, and sorry that you and she had to go...
    • Peaj: Little person, thinking big thoughts. So glad for you. It’s an amazing journey.
    • Peaj: Beautiful. Thank you.
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  1. Sare June 7, 2013

    Adorable!! Love her!! So exited or you guys!!;)

  2. Rob The First June 8, 2013

    Adorable. I hope you guys don’t have any furniture that you’re in love with because puppies will chew on EVERYTHING. My parents still have a few pieces of furniture from when I was little and we had a German Shepard pup that was teething. You can still see the bite marks.

    My dad is getting a dog through a special program called “Paws for Freedom.” It’s a program out of the Daytona Beach VA that provides therapy dogs for veterans who have PTSD and depression. They get dogs from the local pound that are less adoptable because they are older and they are trained by jail inmates for 7 weeks and then go on to additional training more specific for therapy dogs. My dad is going blind and no longer feels like he has a purpose so I’m hoping this will help. Plus I get a dog to play with without the responsibility:)

    • jessica June 10, 2013

      Oh, Rob, this sound like an awesome, FULL of purpose journey for your dad to embark upon (embark. No pun intended–promise!). Seriously, what a beautiful program and I really hope your dad is going to find fulfillment as he does it. Life is way more than about being able to see (though, I realize it’s not fair for me, a seeing person, to say that).

      And don’t worry–this pup is staying on a leash all the time until she’s trustworthy. No run of the place for her right now:) and German pups are amazing dogs!

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