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this weekend!

Posted By on May 27, 2013 in Performance, there are pictures here, Thoughts and Feelings | 1 comment

Tonight, I played The Burren. That’s Irish. When I tried to google their twitter handle, Google asked me if I was sure I didn’t mean, “The Burden.”

Yes, Google, I am sure. There is already enough burdensome parts of living; the last thing I need to do is hunt a burden down on the internet.

The show went great, complete with someone yelling FREE BIRD! (though, I think it is safe to say that I will most likely never play that song), someone else screaming out that I should sing Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Hold On’ (I do love that song, and I might just sing it someday), me singing about football at one point, and a lady telling me oh-so-eloquently that I really need to just “shake it” on stage.


Like a polaroid picture, even, if that’s what it takes.

I got a lot of kind feedback, though; and THAT is always so lovely to hear.

I took a vanquish earlier today–something that’s chock full of caffeine. And since I don’t ever really have caffeine (Nope, I don’t drink coffee. Insert a million jokes and tsk tsk tsk-ing and “how-do-you-make-it-through-your-day?”-like questions HERE), this little vanquish has become the one last lingering party guest in a home that would desperately like nothing more than to simply lock the door after their exit, turn off the lights, and go to sleep.

But here’s vanquish. Still chilling on the couch. Still helping itself to whatever snacks are left over. Still here, darnit.

And so I entertain!

Oh! It’s 2 am and we’re STILL hanging?! I hadn’t noticed the time…

(I had, though, and I want to go to bed. Go with God, vanquish, but PLEASE go!)

I missed my family tonight when I got home. Missed the dogs, too. And yes, I always miss my family, but for some reason, I feel it more acutely now. Feel it the way you can feel a bruise. The way you can press on it and hurt. Like it’s a physical presence. It’s time to go home soon for a visit, I think. It’s even worth the risk of my mom finally making good on her ever impending threat to make me clean out all my clothes and go through all my books and yada yada yada, WHY DOESN’T SHE WANT A JESSICA SHRINE IN THE HOUSE?!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I have absolutely nothing planned.


This is actually a nice thing.

It means I will hang out with TJ and read and go to the gym and sew and possibly even start trying to get my new looping pedal to loop for me.

Or maybe I will just shake it all day long, per that lady’s advice after watching my show tonight.

Oh! And look what I did yesterday–

Went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park!

It was fun. I ate a pretzel. It was FREEZING and rainy. The weather, that is–not the pretzel. THAT was tasty.

I also twisted my hair into a side-ish french braid that started toward the nape of my neck, went up to the crown of my head, then finished somewhere on the side of my head.

(and people say I am not good with directions! WHATEVER)

And that is how I looked for my show tonight.

(My apologies to those of you who may follow me on Instagram, take one look at these photos, and think, OLD NEWS!)

1 Comment

  1. Mom May 27, 2013

    Hey, sweets! I miss you too! Especially since so many others will be here! Altho’ I do think some adult kids miss their parents, family, home, dogs—I think it’s much more acute for the Mom—wait until you’re a Mom! Of course, I want you all to live your lives, follow your vision, be gifted, BUT I just wish you could do all of that and still all live happily here with me! I know, it’s not reality. So come when you can (but I hope it’s soon!)
    And I’m fine with a Jessica Shrine! Just NOT a Jessica floor!

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