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all these reasons to put on pants!

Posted By on May 22, 2013 in Performance, Thoughts and Feelings | 0 comments

You guys!
I’ve been so busy recently.
It’s kind of amazing.
All weekend I was taking a certification for barre classes.
And I will be teaching some of those classes soon.
It was a blast; I LOVE moving and learning and encouraging people to live their best lives.
And tonight, I had rehearsal with a bassist and drummer who will be accompanying me this Sunday night at my show.
Double yay!
And I am also so excited about my latest project that I am making.
I can’t say what it is because shhhhhh, it’s a surprise for someone who reads this blog from time to time.

And I just booked a show at Rockwood Music Hall that I will be playing this summer in none other than New York City.

ALSO! I am getting a looping pedal! Oh, the harmonies and beatboxes and all around awesome big sounds I can make with that thing. I CANNOT WAIT. I will lock myself in my room with it and neither of us will leave until we understand each other. Translation: I will google the heck out of youtube to figure out what knobs and pedals to push to make it sing.

But, anyway.

Oh, also–I have found a way to take free classes again! That’s the best thing about teaching–you get to jump into as many classes as you like without emptying your bank account. So between Monday and Friday, I will be taking seven classes.

(triple yay)

It’s really nice to have multiple reasons to put on pants every day.

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