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Though I will have to say it 1,000 more times at least, this thank you is no less significant for it.

Posted By on May 15, 2013 in Funny Stuff, I Lift My Eyes Up, Loved Ones, Thoughts and Feelings | 10 comments

Okay, there is something I have to say. This will probably be random, too, as I do not currently have an all-encompassing theme under which to file this post. But do you see what I did there? I did not end that sentence with a preposition (though I could have easily gone that route). So, at least there’s that.

Let’s hear it for the team!

Team Blog Post With No Thesis Statement!

And No Improperly Placed Prepositions, Either!


One thing I have to say is that my brother Jason Seth Latshaw basically does EVERYTHING I NEED HIM TO DO on the internet.

“I need a secret page!” I say, and voila! there is a secret page. “I need a cover for my album!” and he gives me a cover for my album. “I need a red label across the cover!” Bam, it’s done.

You understand where this is going. HE DOES IT ALL. I have no idea how to do the stuff he does. And also, he’s busy. He’s writing stuff–many many words a day–hiking all over the Santa Monica mountains with POISONOUS SNAKES and barefoot hippies, too (I’ve seen them, guys), fathering children (which makes it sound like he’s impregnating multiple women, Big Love-style, but that’s not the case; I only mean he’s an active, moment-by-moment father to his kiddos), and being a husband to an awesome human (not an alien, you’ll all be relieved to know). Plus, he’s been doing goodness knows what for Suzanne Somers (and he now proudly has the thigh master in his home to prove it. Actually, he has a few. Guys! I think she very well may PAY HIM in thigh masters!), but I highly suspect that what he does for Suzanne Somers has something to do with the internet and nothing to do with fathering children.

All that to say, he is very generous with his talents and whenever I ask him what his fee is, he flat out COMPLETELY ignores me like I’m spam on his Instagram account. It’s downright irritating.

And very kind.

And I am indebted to him.

Now, he is not the only person I am indebted to. There are many. But this is not an oscar acceptance speech, and I am not going to bore you with a yearbook long list of names shouted at you over a swell of orchestral music. I only mention him because, yet again tonight, I had to ask him for one more thing. And he took it in stride, ignored the whole fee section of the conversation, and just said to send him the necessary information.

He’s VERY annoying.

And very kind, like I said before.

And, again, I am very indebted to him.

I think, though, that you cannot live in this world for very long (not even for a second, actually) without being indebted to someone. It all starts with the person who carried you around for nine months in a belly full of essential organs that moved on over JUST FOR YOU. I mean, guys! She rearranged her large intestine for YOU!

And then it continued. Maybe you didn’t have the best parents in the world, but there was a teacher who was kind. My mom had a maid who loved her enough to teach her how to eat an orange and take her to her church. The other church. The fun one where they sing really loudly and are moved by the Spirit and there was my mom, the only little white girl in the pews, utterly entranced by it all. And feeling loved.

I am not sure how it happened for you, but I know it has. And it is probably happening right now, actually–a reason for you to feel indebted, to be grateful, to say thank you.

And this is how it should be. Good deeds spur on good deeds. If enough people feel indebted, then we will all be spending our lives trying to show our gratitude, and I think that paints a pretty breathtaking picture.

So maybe I do have a point, after all. And it’s this: take a minute to reflect on who it is that is making you feel indebted, lately. Thank them. Maybe with a note, if it’s just too terribly awkward in person. But do it. And then go and make someone else feel indebted.

And we’ll all be so grateful and we’ll never end our sentences with prepositions and the world will be a happier place for it.



  1. An apparently awesome human! May 16, 2013

    I read this post just minutes after I myself thanked this very same brother of yours for a list of kind things that he did for ME today, too. I wonder how many other people he’s kindly helping out behind our backs…

    • Jason May 16, 2013

      Well, thanks for the thanks, I appreciate it very much.

      (By the way, they’re venomous snakes. Poisonous things can kill you if you eat them (like berries). Venomous things can inject venom into you and kill you that way.)

      Hey, I freely admit that I can be very annoying!

      And remember that guy who said that that BIG rattlesnake we saw was “just a little one”? That guy was insane.

      (Do you like how I’m avoiding the payment issue once again.)

      • jessica May 16, 2013

        “(By the way, they’re venomous snakes. Poisonous things can kill you if you eat them (like berries). Venomous things can inject venom into you and kill you that way.)”

        lol, yes, you do freely admit that you can be very annoying! But not nearly as the man with the Punch Buggy Van parking it all over town, huh?

        And you deserve a million thanks, just like you deserve a million thigh masters.

    • jessica May 16, 2013

      Ugh. He is SO sneaky. The ninja of kindness, striking in the dark when one least expects it. A flibbityjibbet, indeed! And lol, I like the exclamation point in your title.

  2. Mom May 16, 2013

    Loved this blog. I have a strong belief that even if we have what society considers horrible parents, God puts people in our lives to parent us, but we could miss them if we expect our parents to step up and be that for us. God doesn’t leave us as orphans. He re-families us.

    • jessica May 16, 2013

      He does–he always provides care for our hearts, even in the worst times–and certainly in the best! 🙂 Perhaps to this day, you would still not know how to peel and eat an orange if it weren’t for Hettie!

  3. Kathie May 16, 2013

    I literally laughed out loud when I read that Suzanne Somers may be paying Jase in Thigh Masters! Jase, you will need to imagine other ways to use them…perhaps create things with them? Like furniture…springy seats that help pregnant women stand up?!

    • jessica May 16, 2013

      lol, Kathie! Now, it is not confirmed that this is the method of payment, but I’m pretty sure it’s the case:-P

  4. Paige May 25, 2013

    I watched a guy who had gone through flesh eating disease declare his indebtedness to his church family who stepped up & fed & loved his family, sat & prayed at the hospital and refused to let a need sit unmet for 2 months while his body shut down & he almost died… He said he loved being indebted to them because that’s just what (the church) family is a picture of… Loved that..

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