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lately, darling (coming soon!).

Posted By on May 8, 2013 in MP3, Performance, there are pictures here, Thoughts and Feelings | 2 comments

So * **THIS–

Is officially HAPPENING.

May 14th, you can purchase it and put it in your ipod and then go running up hills and stuff.

Or just sit down, if you’re like me and don’t absolutely adore going up hills.

(but the hills are good for you, just like they’re good for me, so let’s try to conquer them, okay? okay)

Oh–I had to write something about my music for the music publication stuff. Thought I’d share it here, since I generally spread a lot of words around this place, anyway–I mean, what’s a few more?

Jessica likes to rap cause she likes to dance, and rapping is like dancing with your words. She started singing to her animals out in Pennsylvania when she was just a girl; they liked it so much, she tried people, and they seemed to like it as well. She’s been compared to Jesse J and Jason Mraz and most recently, The Spice Girls, but she’s pretty sure that guy was drunk. Besides, when pressed, he couldn’t name one Spice Girl, so she didn’t take the comparison too seriously. Most of the time people tell her they don’t know how to label her, so she says her name will do just fine. You’ll find her listening to artists ranging from Eminem to The Civil Wars, and if those two acts ever collaborate, she’ll certainly cover it and give the world a high five, not necessarily in that order.

Jessica has performed all over New York City, in Toronto, Tokyo, London, and LA. She’s played in clubs and living rooms and wooded stages with twinkle lights. The songs on this EP took a lot of living to make. The best songs come from hearts that have felt more deeply at times than is even comfortable, and her heart has done just that. Oh, and Rob Thomas tweeted about her, too, telling the world to watch out, cause they’ll see more of her. That was a moment for the journal, for sure.

Thanks for coming by here and being so kind and encouraging and supportive and interested.

It really really means a lot.

Just like it’d really mean a lot if you buy this EP.

You’re the BEST.

*photo credit:  Jenna Leigh Teti Photography

**album artwork: Jason Latshaw (I linked his instagram account, cause he’s really mad that I have more followers. SO GO FOLLOW HIM! He posts really pretty pictures that make you wish you were in LA.


  1. peaj May 10, 2013

    Congratulations! I hope that you sell lots and lots and become even famouser.

    • jessica May 10, 2013

      this truly made me laugh. Thank you, PJ!!! 🙂

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