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two favorite shops.

Posted By on March 16, 2013 in Thoughts and Feelings | 2 comments

I have two favorite stores in this city that is so full of everything at every hour.

There is catbird. 

Spelled just like that, no capitalization, thank you.

Just listen to their tagline:

We are the Brooklyn mecca for all things sparkly and exciting. 

Well, then.

Sign me up.

But seriously. I don’t quite remember when I first discovered this little shop in Williamsburg. And yes, I do mean little. So small, in fact, that when I visit catbird while wearing a certain puffy pink skirt of mine that may or may not stick out in the front, back, and every side in between, I generally run into someone or something because of that skirt.

But going to that little store is almost like a sacred experience for me. I only buy gifts there for people whom I really love. Strictly family and friends who are close to my heart. It’s a very special little place and now it’s even more special–made so by a certain boy who bought me a necklace from there this past summer. Yes, he did well, and yes he listened when I casually mentioned my favorite shop in the city. Because, months later, he showed up to my birthday with a small box from catbird in hand.

But today I got to go to another favorite shop in New York City.

Purl Soho. 

It’s a little gem buried knee deep amidst the designer bags and shoes and dresses of Soho. It’s all about knitting and sewing and buttons and colors and the fabrics that create every last whimsical thing you and I can think of. And even the ones we can’t think of, probably.

And the fabrics, guys! The walls are lined with bolts of materials that comprise anything from marching elephants to sighing daisies and everything in between. It is to a craft person what Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is to, well, any kid, I’d bet.

Today, I walked in and picked out some new fabric. I taught eleven classes this week, see, so I decided to treat myself to a whole yard of new and on-purpose fabric. Cut just for me, rather than the bundles of cast-off discounted fabric that I usually buy. And as I was perusing, I overheard this one Awesome Crafty Worker tell this to another Awesome Crafty Worker:

“I’m having a craft night this Thursday. You should come. We’ll open up a bottle of wine, put on a movie, and just make things.”

I smiled as I continued to pick out my material.

Can you blame me for loving a place like that?


  1. Sare March 17, 2013

    Jess, Both of those stores sound amazing!!!!! I love special stores like that! That’s how I feel with anthropologie. I love to get ideas while looking at their furniture and colors! Love you!

  2. peaj March 18, 2013

    Where’s the little shop that sells amazing little computers and tablets?

    Glad you can find some fun material(ism) up there. I can just imagine you singing “My Favorite Things” while browsing through these shops.

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