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fifty+ degrees and family.

Posted By on March 13, 2013 in Loved Ones, there are pictures here, Thoughts and Feelings | 3 comments

Some family members came to NYC for a visit today. I was even happier to see them than the fifty plus degree weather, believe it or not.

Now, this grand city is just too much to try to conquer in one day. So you pick your battles.

They met us in DUMBO–a place my nephew LOVED, because he is a big fan of elephants in general; I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the name actually has nothing to do with that elephant Disney immortalized–and from there, the fifty PLUS degree weather just beckoned us to central park.

And when weather beckons, you don’t ignore it.

The kids climbed a big rock and we all saw a seal (courtesy of the Central Park Zoo) and I learned the story of Balto, that great sled dog and his team, while staring at his statue near East 72nd Street.

Of course we wandered through the most famous toy store in New York City–maybe even the world–and of course we watched as my nephew ran along that huge, floor length piano that Tom Hanks played in the movie Big.

That thing is for sale for $250,000.

In most cities (not necessarily NYC), you could buy a house or you could by that.

“Has anyone ever bought this?” I asked the salesman.

“Two people have, as far as I know, but we can’t tell you who.”

I wasn’t asking, I thought.

“How does it work?” I did ask.

“We fly someone to your home to install it, then send a piano teacher to teach you how to play it.”

For $250,000 it better come with a piano teacher, I thought.

“Rumor has it,” the guy continued, lowering his voice in that manner that makes you feel special, makes you feel elite for being given a secret, “That Prince was about to buy it, but, then found out we rip up your floor to install it, so backed out. But that’s not confirmed.”

Well, shoot. Almost bought it. Maybe I almost bought it, too. You know, me and Prince. I mean, anyone can almost do anything right? Or at least say they almost did it.

Then we were all good and hungry and had what really might be the best pizza in the world. Grimaldi’s. It’s famous here in the city. And worth the wait in line in what was considerably less than fifty plus degree weather by this point.

It was a beautiful day.

Save for the fact that my brother’s car broke down on the way home and they were stranded on the side of the NJ turnpike for an uncomfortable amount of time. They’re safe in a hotel now, thank goodness.

My niece and I sat next to each other on the subway, and I took this picture.

Lots of walking today. Lots of family. Lots of love. And lots of pizza, too.


  1. Rob blah blah blah March 14, 2013

    I kind of adore your family even though I’ve never met them. Is that weird? And I almost bought that piano. And a Ferrari. Almost.

  2. John March 16, 2013

    …close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades….. Oh, and in dancing and subway rides. 🙂

  3. peaj March 17, 2013

    You and Prince, so much in common. You should hang out and stuff.

    Heard enough comments about you and Say looking alike? Will you start an act? Tour together?

    Seriously though, it must be cool to see your heart connection reflected in the physical connection.

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