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Recording, day 5

Posted By on March 1, 2013 in Performance, Thoughts and Feelings, Uncategorized | 1 comment

I got back from the recording studio at two in the morning. Everyone was tired at the end of our session, but everyone was also happy.

Everyone was also full of pizza.

And all caught up on the viral video of goats who sound like humans that’s going around. I’d link it, but I’m blogging from my phone tonight and it’s also nearly two-thirty am. Sorry, friends, no link. If only there was a search engine that can find every proverbial needle in a hay stack THAT EVER EXISTS EVER ON THE INTERNETS.


It’s such a collaborative effort, recording. Yes, I sit down at my piano or with my uke and I write a song, but then after it’s all recorded with layers upon layers of instruments and vocals…well, I imagine it’s a little like a mother who looks at her baby who’s now all grown up. Yes, the song is still the song, but, my, how it’s grown.

And soon, the monumental task of mixing the songs must be tackled. I will be a part of that, but I won’t be alone, thank goodness.

Like I said, recording is a collaborative effort. And I’m grateful for some awesome collaborators–a few of whom
share my last name.

1 Comment

  1. peaj March 1, 2013

    You have cool brothers and nephews and stuff. (“And stuff” is meant to cover the contribution of all those other Latshaws that are contributing but are not in the above categories.) (But really, aren’t we all brothers?)

    Glad it is all coming together! But get some sleep!

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