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I try to be discreet when taking photos of strangers, I really do.

But look at these two.

I probably could have taken out an easel and painted the scene in front of me without them noticing, they were THAT involved in the game.

The sweetest part about this picture, though, is the fact that those two guys are perfect strangers. I watched the whole scene play out. The little boy walked onto the train with his grandfather. I smiled because the boy had bears on the sides of his boots. When the boy’s scarf fell onto the dirty subway floor and the grandfather picked it up, ready to wrap it around the boy once again, I cringed. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you spend a lot of time with a bit of a germ-a-phobe, I guess.

Not to mention the fact that the subway floor really IS disgusting.

The grandfather and the boy sat down and the grandfather’s head began to droop and, before I knew it, he was asleep. Rocked liked a baby by the lull of the subway, I guess. Again, I cringed. A sleeping grandfather isn’t exactly the best supervision for a little boy on the mean streets of the Manhattan bound F train, is the thing.

Then the boy noticed that the guy just a few feet away from him was playing a game on his phone. Intrigued, the boy inched closer and closer. The gamer didn’t seem to mind. Eventually, they settled down here, the gamer even tilting his phone so the boy could watch easily.

Which is when I smiled all over again.

And took this picture.

Just one more piece of evidence to the claim that life is a moving picture that, more often than not, moves our own dear hearts.


  1. Michele Poplo February 5, 2013

    Precious! And dont worry about the scarf-I doubt anyone ever died from subway germs:)

    • jessica February 6, 2013

      I’m thinking you’re right on that one…though, there was some disturbing news recently about a man defecating while standing between subways cars and falling off and dying. Still, that’s a very far cry from your scarf dropping on the ground. :-/

  2. Marcus Petersson February 8, 2013

    Great story Jessica, love the pic too! Hope everything is great with you! Seems like it just might be 🙂

    • jessica February 9, 2013

      HI Marcus! This are good (and snowy!) here in NYC! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting–I always appreciate your words:) Hope you’re doing very well!

  3. Mandy February 28, 2013

    Sweet GOODNESS this is precious. (And yes, this is exactly how behind I am on your blog. BUT I AM COMMITTED! It’s my #1 goal this weekend. Maybe that’s overstretching. I’ll make it #3, after eating and sleeping. Because I know you wouldn’t want me to forsake either in the name of blog-catch-up.) 🙂

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