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a nice little visit.

Posted By on January 28, 2013 in Loved Ones, Thoughts and Feelings | 2 comments

My parents took a little day trip to the city recently.
They marveled over my long hair.
They just saw me at Christmas, but from their reaction, you’d think I’d transformed from Wynona Ryder to Rapunzel.
Still, it’s nice to hear.
When my hair was short, my mom would generally say something like, “I still think you’re face is pretty.
Thanks, mom.
(Though, in general, I wasn’t concerned with my face after a trip to the hair salon)
They attribute it to my boyfriend.
He is a huge fan of long hair on women.
But I was growing my hair long before I even met the guy.
So he doesn’t get the credit.
The credit goes to wanting a change.
Six feet of a change growing from my head.
And hopefully once it was there, my life would look different, too.
And, well, it’s not quite six feet (and, okay, never will be), but my life does look different.
Thank God.
I mean that sincerely.
But I also thank him for the time before it looked like this.
Because I wouldn’t be here without there.
The flower can never look at the bulb covered in dirt and despise it.
Not to say I’m a flower, but you get what I mean.

Anyway, my parents and I had a lovely little time.
I think it was six thousand degrees below zero, but still, my heart was warm.
We visited the 911 Memorial and, other than my pop HAVING HIS KNIFE ALMOST CONFISCATED (luckily, security was kind enough to allow him to go bury it in a nearby planter) and my mom LOSING HER ENTRY TICKET TWICE IN FIVE MINUTES, it was very moving to see it up close like that.

The “footprints” of the buildings are now covered in a thin sheen of clear water; the names of those who lost their lives that day etched in the stone.

Like much of life, so tragic and beautiful.

I read that the designers wanted to portray the feeling of absence.

It is perfectly done.

We ended the day with some delicious dinner near the South Street Seaport. We had lots to eat and even more to talk about.

I love family; there’s nothing like the people who made you.


  1. Peter January 29, 2013

    Jessica, it’s been months since I last “commented” from here in Beijing. I am about a year and a half done, and I am hoping to stay at least a year and a half more (that is unless the Beijing air finally does me in).

    I just visited Singapore, what in one way is one World Financial Center island. It truly is beautiful. And painfully clean. While there, I heard an hour of a Singaporean duet, Renny and Clarence. Because of her voice, which reminded me of you, though her voice is quite different, I thought I’d send along a link to a Youtube video of theirs. Love to hear your comments — and so would they!

    By the way, I’m pleased to read that you and your parents had a good visit there in the City.

    Peace be with you.


    • jessica January 29, 2013

      Hello, Peter! It’s wonderful to hear from you! And congrats on your year and a half of accomplishments in Beijing–how wonderful for you; how wonderful for them:)

      I just listened to the link you posted and yes, I LOVE it! Beautiful and fun and fresh. So fantastic, thanks for passing along!

      I wish you all the peace and grace and fun in the world over there in Beijing!

      peace, Jessica

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