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My new book; my new love.

Posted By on January 22, 2013 in Thoughts and Feelings | 0 comments

There’s a used book store around the corner from me. In the great sprawling grid that is New York City, you could describe almost any place that way, really. It’s a city of squares and blocks and angles and, yes, corners. Here, most things are around one corner or another.

This used book store happens to be around a corner that is close to me, though. Which is nice when the thermometer is dipping below fifteen degrees and it’s too darn cold to venture past a corner that’s close. Save that for spring. Or at least for snow pants. None of which are available to me at the moment.

But I mention this bookstore because I recently acquired a book there. I feel downright wealthy when I have a new book at my fingertips. Someone once told me that knowledge equals power, so here I am, walking around with hundreds of pages of brand new knowledge to discover.

Yeah, pretty powerful stuff.

The book is called Like Water For Chocolate. I love everything about it. The title, the fact that it’s Mexican, the way the heroine cooks masterfully, how the author subtly weaves recipes into the very inhale and exhale of the story, and even the aching sadness that pervades the theme.

This book is like dessert in my life right now. I use it sparingly, so to speak. I have too much to do all the time to allow myself the hours I’d like with it. So I got up early this morning. I opened the blind to a surprise party of snow outside my window. Then I let myself read for 45 minutes.

It felt like five.

And it felt wonderful.

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