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paint with your palette.

Posted By on January 17, 2013 in I Lift My Eyes Up, Thoughts and Feelings | 0 comments

Sometimes you find yourself in your apartment, watching videos sent to you FROM DUBAI, learning choreography you have to teach to a class the following day.

You’re doing planks and wheels and pushups and you stop to think, Life is so interesting.

I am convinced that opportunities present themselves when you make yourself available. Case in point: if I hadn’t had a friend basically force me to move to NYC (by offering me a studio apartment in Chelsea, free of rent, for three months. WHAAAAAT?), telling me that, “Nobody’s gonna hear you play the piano in your parents’ living room,” none of this would have happened.

And, no, this isn’t necessarily every last thing that I want–but this is on my way to that. And it’s a lot further down the road than I was three years ago.

So tonight, I found myself in this adorable spa, teaching movement to a life coaching workshop. A person I recently met–a dancer, fitness, model, actress type–had to go work in Dubai and was desperate to get someone to cover a very special workshop she’s developed.

Hardly knowing anything about it at all, but happy to help someone out, I said sure.

The real treat came, though, after I finished teaching and the life coach took over the workshop and I got to sit in on the session.

I sat there, cross-legged, one more link in this circle of strangers who came together with the common bond of wanting to live their best life, and I realized anew how strange and wonderful the happenings of life can be.

We all took turns talking about the false beliefs we carry with us; the things that keep us from GOING FOR IT! Or at least expecting some peace and joy on a day to day basis.

“I’m too old,” I heard from one guy.

“I’m afraid that if I actually do all these things–better my life, etc–that nothing change; I’ll still be miserable, but with no more options,” said the lady to my right.

“I can’t think of one thing I’m good at,” said a sweet blonde.

“I’m afraid of mediocrity,” said a guy wearing anything but a mediocre scarf.

And what’s interesting is that we so easily talk about our lack. What we don’t have and can’t have and will never have. That kind of stuff rolls off our tongue. We are the best researchers science knows when it comes to discovering our own limitations.

What if we changed the game? What if we take what we do have and run with it? What if we talk about what we will do? What we already do? I wonder what would happen then? I suppose we won’t know unless we try it–but I bet something good will come of it.

I must say that my boyfriend is a good example of this. Of knowing who he is and what he does well. And tonight, I asked him to tell me something he likes about himself. Without hesitation, he proceeded to let me know. There was no ego involved, either. It’s just a fact. But it rolled off his tongue like he’s thought about it before.

It’s like an artist who knows the exact color paints he has on his palette. He’s not bragging when he reports that he has three different shades of blue, an amber, and a marigold. No, he’s acknowledging what he has and then he paints a picture based on those colors.

I think we can live life like that.

I think we have some fascinating colors to work with.

And I really enjoyed teaching in a brand new atmosphere tonight–one that I didn’t even know existed last week.

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