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winter and a big old ps.

Posted By on January 9, 2013 in Thoughts and Feelings | 5 comments

I am going to be honest, here, and I hope you don’t mind.
I also hope you don’t tell me to be careful for what I ask for.
I understand perfectly well what I am asking for.
I have seen it before.
Mounds and mounds of it, piling up against window sills and on scarves and even on the adorable black noses of a few dogs now and again.


And not just any snow.
Not the kind that starts off right, but just melts into rain when it touches the ground.
I mean, rain.
Thank you, but I can have rain any old time of year.
I want a snowstorm.
The kind that warrants those puffy North Face jackets that make me smile when I see them this time of year in LA.
Because, c’mon–what is it? Sixty-five degrees? Sixty-two degrees, maybe?
I know you’re excited about your snow bunny swag, but it’s not that cold, ladies.
Not unless you’re up in the mountains and the sun has gone down.
But when I saw all the North Face jackets when I was in LA in the winter, it was not on the dark side of a mountain.
(cue my brother Jason’s comment; I am pretty sure I have poked a sleeping giant with a mention of LA on this blog)

Anyway, I hope it comes.
A nice, big snowstorm.
One in which we’re all safe, of course.
But one that blankets this old earth in the kind of cloak that makes her feel young and beautiful this time of year.

It’s part of the reason why I love the East Coast.
So let’s see some.
That’s what I am asking for, anyway.

p.s. I realize you cannot tell, but please note that I am writing from a laptop that has recently acquired brand new feet. Thank you, Apple. And no, I hadn’t realized they were called feet, either; but my computer was missing a few of those black things that it sits on. When I took it into the genius bar, the guy was all blase when he said,
I’ll give you some new feet.”

I was like, “NEW FEET?!?!?”


I also overheard one genius ask another if it’s too early to start drinking (it was around 10 am, mind you). The second genius simply said, “Why not? We ARE at a bar.”



  1. Rob the First January 10, 2013

    It’s 80 degrees here. In fact, as I am writing this (at 11:30pm), my air conditioning is on. According to the meteorologists – a term that has always perplexed me since they don’t actually study meteors – this weather pattern will stick around for at least the next ten days. This does not please me nary one bit. I, too, would like some snow. Or at least a good cold front; one cold enough to justify hot cocoa.

    I would love to see NYC after a fresh snowfall, especially Central Park. I’d make snow angels and even a tiny snowman and I wouldn’t even care that jaded New Yorkers would laugh at the Floridian who doesn’t get to see snow nearly often enough. The magical-ness of it all would be well worth the strange looks, and the wet pants.

    • jessica January 10, 2013

      Well, there are good reasons for wet pants and bad reasons for wet pants; that said, I would say that making snow angels lands firmly in the “good reasons for wet pants” category.

      And, ugh, 80 degrees. Sounds too hot for winter.

      I wish you cooler weather, my friend.

      And sooner than those meteorologists are predicting, too.

  2. peaj January 10, 2013

    Preach it, sister. I am all for some decent, non-life-threatening snow.

    I bet the geniuses get a lot of mileage out of that bar joke.

    • jessica January 10, 2013

      haha I am sure those geniuses do:)

      And yes, Peaj, BRING ON THE SNOW!

  3. Robert January 11, 2013

    As a Kid from SoCal, I love my Sun. Loved the Snow too, but it was a loooooong drive away. Since I switched coasts, the SNOW comes to ME! 🙂 And yes I would like some more this year too please if anyone is listening. Yes, I know there is a little on the ground still, but that’s just cause the Sun never hits there. If those patches of Earth can’t be warm, can’t they at least be pretty?

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