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the world spins.

Posted By on December 10, 2012 in I Lift My Eyes Up, Thoughts and Feelings | 1 comment

Sometimes, I think that life is a big waiting game. If we only have more patience than the world gives us pain, then we win. Because, eventually, the pain turns to something else. The world spins madly on, right?

Just yesterday, I took a turn through The Union Square Holiday Bazaar.

Two things about that sentence. How very Pride and Prejudice of me to take a turn anywhere. Or rather, to reference it as such. “Take a turn with me, Miss Dashwood,” is a line that will forever stay with me from that book. In fact, my sister-in-law asks me to take a turn with her all the time. Even if she does live in Los Angeles while I’m here in New York City. I mean, it never hurts to ask.

And here’s the second thing: Bazaar. Is whatever good gloriousness that occurs in Union Square during the holidays, in fact, called a bazaar? I have no idea. And I am not a Bazaar expert, but in my novice opinion, I’d say it’s as bazaar-like as anything is.

But I was walking through this wonder of crafts and snacks and beautiful little enchantments that cost at least $30, but probably $300. I was looking at a great tower of goods handcrafted by an artist who photographs iconic parts of New York City and then superimposes each scene onto leather purses, wallets, and bags. I mean, like, cool.

Who doesn’t need that?! 

Oh, it’s $100?


I don’t need that. 

But I liked looking at all of them, anyway. I’m actually a very good window shopper. I don’t even mind that I cannot buy most things I see through the windows. I honestly find inspiration in just looking at beautiful things. Inspiration and ideas. Not to mention stuff to put on a Christmas list.

“The tower spins, you know,” said the leather worker/musician/hipster/I’M-FROM-BROOKLYN!/artist.

“There’s more choices you can’t see,” he clarified, “In case you don’t see what you’re looking for here.”

Talk about words to live by.

The world is spinning. Time is moving. Nothing lasts forever–not our situations, I mean. Definitely not the pain you may find yourself in. Wait and look. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, spin the tower. There are other options. If the world feels very frustrating, then beat it with your patience, because eventually, it will change.  You just gotta make sure that when it does, you’re still here, healthy and ready.

Because, like the craftsman guy said, there are always more choices we can’t see. Especially when we don’t yet see what we’re looking for.

1 Comment

  1. Rob The First December 11, 2012

    How Bazaar.

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