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I’m From Pennsylvania.

Posted By on November 30, 2012 in Funny Stuff, Loved Ones, Thoughts and Feelings | 5 comments

I wonder, sometimes, if I will raise kids in New York City.

It’s hard to imagine.

But honestly, all of this (as I wave my arm expansively, indicating MY ENTIRE LIFE) was unimaginable for me at one point. Just because you can’t imagine something–or didn’t imagine it–does not mean it won’t come to pass.

As much as I L-O-V-E New York City, I also L-O-V-E Pennsylvania. It’s in my blood, that state. I feel a kindred spirit with its very dirt. The green hills that cover so much of it are imprinted on my heart. In short, that place is under my skin.

Happily so.

I don’t want to raise children who are afraid of walking through spider webs or don’t know how to dig for a good worm when it comes time to go fishing on Saturday morning with their brothers down at the Old Fishing Hole.

I don’t want to raise kids who don’t know what Orion looks like, because they can’t see past the city lights. I don’t want them to think that the only thing under the ground is the subway; not when I spent my time building underground forts before I was ten.

I don’t want my kids to not know what a frog feels like against the skin of their palm; to think that the dark is something to fear, rather than a whole other world where our hearing leads us because our sight cannot.

Speaking of sight–or the lack thereof–I will share a quick story. Only because it was one of those moments when, once it had passed, I thought to myself, “Well, THAT was weird.”

And so New York City.

I was exiting the subway today with about a million other New Yorkers at rush hour. And somehow, I got trapped between the car (which my back was pressed against) and the stick of a blind man. The blind man kept tap tap tap-ing it against my body, successfully keeping me pinned right where I was for at least a few long seconds. People behind me were trying to surge forward, but I didn’t want to, well, do anything drastic to THE BLIND MAN’S stick.

Can you blame me?

Finally, I managed to hop around the stick and walk away from the train before it pulled away from the platform. I walked up the stairs and thought about how life is just the darnedest thing sometimes.

But, back to Pennsylvania.

Like I said, I love that I live in NYC, but I also love that I was raised in the bonafide country.

I hope to raise my kids in such a way that we all get both. Sort of like now. I can always go home to PA.

Glad I got all that figured out.

Now, to maybe someday actually have, I dunno, a KID.



  1. Megan November 29, 2012

    I’m from Texas. And I LOVE that I am from Texas, I LOVE Texas, and I LOVE the lessons I learned living out in the country…rubber boots and hand me downs from my brother were a regular uniform. I now live in Ohio and I often wonder how I’ll be able to teach my kids the lessons I learned living out in the country. I’m so thankful that like yours, my family still lives far enough out in the country that we “go to town” for errands and at night, the air is quite and still and you can spot Orion with ease. I think that because we so strongly identify with a quite country life, we’ll make it a priority in the lives of our children and spouses.

    To frogs!!

    • jessica December 4, 2012

      Hahaha sorry for the late response, but I loved reading every word of this comment, Megan!

      And HECKYES, to frogs!!!



  2. Robert November 30, 2012

    I Love this Blog entry. California soil, yep. In my blood, in my bones, in my heart, always! It’s good to have that connection to Home. You write of Pennsylvania, but you bring up memories of Cali in my mind. So many similar experiences growing up, yet we were in different worlds. So maybe it doesn’t matter WHERE you grow up so much as HOW you grow up. Maybe it doesn’t matter if you raise your children in NYC, or in Penn. When your little ones come along, Jessica, you are gonna be an Incredible Mom, and you will raise those kids right. City or Country, you and yours will be Amazing! Call it a hunch! 🙂

  3. Mom November 30, 2012

    I remember thinking the same thing about Connecticut; honestly, there is no place like Connecticut! Rolling green hills & old stone walls throughout. Pennsylvania comes close to Connecticut but no stone walls. I had both the country and being in NYC a lot. Maybe you can have PA & NYC both. Your heart is big enough to love 2 places.

  4. Bruce Latshaw November 30, 2012

    Why yes, an important pre-requisite to raising your own kid is to have one. As your brother Josh says, “One small one.” All in due time, my child.

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