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pictures + shades.

Posted By on May 9, 2012 in Performance, there are pictures here, Thoughts and Feelings | 36 comments

Lately, I have had lots and lots to do.

So, naturally, I avoided all of it long enough to make this:

Creating is a way of avoiding the general messiness of my life. This is good and bad, I think. Good, because I write many songs, bits of prose, and sketches; bad, because, well: my room is usually messy.

And here’s a picture of me performing at Sleep No More’s Stortelling: REVOLUTION! yesterday.

*photo credit: James Tomas Moncion

I love that place so much. It’s always a privilege to play there. The audiences are so supportive. I don’t think they could look and sound any happier–not even if I threw candy at them during my songs.

Well, maybe if the candy was Toblerone.

But, c’mon! If I had Toblerone, I would not throw it out to anyone. I’d keep it and eat it very slowly, because that’s some of my most favorite chocolate in the whole wide world.

Oh, and here is proof that I am what the dictionary would refer to as an adult. Because, see? I have my very first NICE pair of sunglasses now.

They were a gift from someone who felt I was squinting too much, I guess.

“You have to take care of yourself, Jess!” my friend told me, clucking over the way I was going about with unshaded eyeballs from the brightly lit sun.

Apparently taking care of oneself entails wearing very nice, very cool, polarized sun glasses.

Well, I don’t mind.

And of course it’s been raining ever since my friend bought them for me. But, I’m so excited about them, I’ve worn them anyway. Heck, I even wore them underground for a bit, and there’s really no reason to wear sunglasses when you’re THAT removed from the sun, is there?

But, it’s funny, the only one in my life who has consistently sported nice sunglasses is my pop. Well, pop, there’s a new sheriff in town. And guess what? She’s wearing sunglass.

NICE ones, too.



  1. Rob; the first. May 9, 2012

    I love that drawing. You nailed that self portrait-even those big beautiful eyes. And that caption is very true.

    Nice sunglasses. Very Posh Spice. I’ve never owned nice sunglasses. Truthfully, I don’t even know where one goes to buy nice sunglasses. I’d kinda like that to remain a mystery, actually.

    I have no idea what Toblerone is.

    • jessica May 9, 2012

      It’s funny, when I was drawing that girl, she was not supposed to be me, necessarily. Just a girl who I would like to know, I guess. But now people are telling me that it looks like me, so maybe I was doing that subconsciously? I don’t know.

      And it’s okay, if you’d like the nice sunglass stores of the world to remain mysterious, far be it from me to crush that dream of yours:)

      *cough* sunglass hut *cough*

      • Rob (The First) May 9, 2012

        Damn you Latshaw! Now I have no excuse to wear $10 sunglasses since I now know where the nice ones are hanging out:) There must be a huge demand for nice sunglasses that they would dedicate an entire hut to them.

        That girl DOES look like you. She looks just like the girl on the bench in your header on the blog. I just assumed it was a self portrait. But maybe you DID subconsciously draw a self portrait, AND she’s someone you’d like to get to know? I’m reaching here to make myself sound insightful.

        • jessica May 9, 2012

          haha and the girl on the bench wasn’t ever supposed to be me, either! And actually, this girl is kind of supposed to replace the girl on the bench at some point (once my brother gets around to it)–cause that girl is nice and all, but I have never loved the way she looks, actually.

          And Rob! You live in Florida! Doesn’t everyone have really nice sunglasses in Florida?!

          • Rob da first May 10, 2012

            Ya know, I really have no idea what kind of sunglasses people wear here. Never thought of it. When I was a teenager and was a (very bad) surfer, I had a nice pair of sunglasses because all of the other surfers had really nice Oakleys and I thought I had to have a pair too. I broke them. Sense then I’ve always bought cheap ones. Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

          • Me again May 10, 2012

            *Since*, not sense. I couldn’t let that one go.

          • jessica May 10, 2012

            Yeah. I am already taking way better care of these then all the cheapos I’ve had in the past. I mean, these come with a case. Nuff said.

        • Robert May 9, 2012

          “But maybe you DID subconsciously draw a self portrait, AND she’s someone you’d like to get to know?”

          That’s funny Rob, I almost posted that exact same thought yesterday…but for some reason the thought didn’t make it to the screen! 🙂

  2. Arthur May 9, 2012

    two items: 1) one of the things i liked when i saw your drawing (above) was how accurately it captures your essential physical features 🙂 and it doesn’t really matter, i think, that you didn’t necessarily intend it to be a self portrait– since we all tend to be most familiar with our own features, it’s only natural that we use them as a frame of reference; 2) please see my NEW comment that appears on your post from YESTERDAY; my ORIGINAL comment evidently didn’t make it through 🙁

    • jessica May 9, 2012

      Well, coming from a REAL artist, that means a lot–thank you, Arthur!

      And you mean, the comment that says simply “comment” was not the one you intended? Cause I thought it was funny!

      • Arthur May 9, 2012


  3. Robert May 9, 2012

    It’s ok to have a messy room if you’re doing productive things, especially if they’re creative things as well. I’m happy for your messy room, It means more good stuff for us. I love this magnet my sister has on her refrigerator.
    It’s pretty cool that they like you so much at Sleep No More, which means more shows there. It really is a great venue, whichever room you get to play in. If MC Mums loves you that much, i’ve no doubt you’ll be invited back. I liked that he asked me if I was a Body Guard, funny guy. I didn’t realize I looked intimidating.

    Rob, Toblerone is this really delicious Swiss Chocolate, it’s kind of pricey…not something you really wanna share. Well, maybe with a close friend, but certainly not with the entire room.

    I really like the Sun Glasses. I don’t generally like large sunglasses, but those totally work for you! I can’t really wear sunglasses. There’s this spot behind my ear that the arm touches that just starts tickling and itching at the same time. It’s really weird, but I cant wear glasses for more than like five minutes. They’re just too irritating. I do have a pair of bright red, heart shaped sun glasses however. Instead of arms, they have bright red chains with these big red plastic discs at the end that hang like three inches below the ear. Those don’t bother my ear, but it’s a bit much for everyday wear 😛

    OMG! I can’t believe you had to dance with a cracked rib. That sounds excruciating. I don’t know how you got through that. I’m glad you understand the pain. People who haven’t been through it just have no idea. I know some people at work who kind think I’m being a wuss. They’re like,”Walk It Off!!” um…no…it hurts . But damn! You DANCED it off!!!

    • jessica May 9, 2012

      Well, I think I took three days off…but then I knew that it couldn’t make it WORSE, so I decided to get back in the old leotard again and go for it. But yeah, it hurt SO SO SO BADLY. But the knowledge that it wasn’t really making it worse helped me. Plus, I kept thinking, “It’s just pain, that’s all; I can get through this…” And actually, that experience really kind of helped me for some really bad emotional pain I went through a bit later. I remember feeling like the broken rib was maybe practice for THIS.

      And Robert, you don’t realize you look intimidating?! I mean, you are a kind person, but you could definitely pass for a bodyguard or bouncer in a club. Your build and stature and hair–that’s a pretty good bodyguard/bouncer fit. I hope you don’t think that is a bad thing! But maybe those crazy sunglasses would help soften the intimidating look, for sure! ha:)

      • Robert May 9, 2012

        I guess when I look in the mirror, I just see a big ole teddy bear, not some brutish guy. But I don’t see it as a bad thing really, not unless I scare off some beautiful woman that’s caught my fancy. That wouldn’t be good. It works for me when walking dark streets late at night too. If I hold my head high and shoulders back, just about nobody messes with me. I say just about because I HAVE been mugged. It’s hard to be intimidating when the other guy is pointing a gun in your face.

        And I meant to ask before, how exactly did you crack your rib?

        • jessica May 9, 2012

          I think you should look exactly how you want look.

          And oh–I went on a roller coaster with my friend and he’s bigger than me. Once sharp turn, all his weight squished me against the metal part of the seat and it cracked my rib. It was the middle of the ride and I was pretty sure I was dying.

          • Rob The First May 10, 2012

            Ouch ouch ouch. But at least that experience helped you when you were going through all that shizz. Let’s hope and pray neither of those happen again. 🙂

          • Robert May 10, 2012

            Oh Man!! On a roller coaster? That’s awful! How big was your friend that they could crush you like that? And then having to finish the rest of the ride still getting thrown around! I’m so sorry! That’s horrifying! But it’s good the way you were able to put that pain to good use. You seem to have a habit of doing that 😉

            Can I ask which coaster you were riding? Was this in LA when you were doing A Chorus Line? I know almost every coaster in LA, and was wondering which one was rude enough to do this to you. I love roller coasters, but i’ve never been injured on one. And I’ve ridden tons of em!

          • jessica May 10, 2012

            Hmm…It was some ridiculous park out in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. A few of us took a road trip out there on our time off between cities. It was really fun…well, until I broke my rib. But actually, it was still fun–it just really hurt, too.

          • Robert May 10, 2012

            LMAO! I’ve been to Wisconsin Dells! That place is wacked. It’s like a cheap seedy Vegas or something. It was one of those big wooden roller coasters, right? Hercules or Medusa or Pegasus or something? What a trip, I DO know the culprit! Those big 6 story Go-Cart tracks were fun too!

          • jessica May 10, 2012

            It was Hades! That shoulda been my first clue! Stay away from coasters that name themselves after hell. Lesson learned!

  4. Pop May 9, 2012

    Ok Daughter, it’s game on: contest number two. I may have lost the strawberry shortcake battle, but this sunglasses skirmish is mine! So how do we measure the winner here?

    • jessica May 9, 2012

      Well, pop, we could see how many people try to pick each of us, respectively, while wearing our sunglasses. You think that’s a fair trial? 🙂

      • Pop May 9, 2012


        • Pop May 9, 2012

          Well, you can thank your friend Rob the First for saving you from ignominious defeat in your proposed trial. I have submitted to RTF’s wisdom and bowed out of this particular contest, allowing you to wallow in the illusion of your sunglasses superiority. I know your fragile ego must hold on to this one!

          • jessica May 9, 2012

            HAHA yes, thank you. It would have been quite embarrassing to have been defeated like that–and on my blog, of all places!

  5. Rob (The First) May 9, 2012

    Dear Mr. Latshaw,

    I imagine you look very handsome in your stylish sunglasses; a cross between Marlon Brando and Brad Pitt, I’m sure. It is indeed tragic that you succumbed to your lovely daughter in the strawberry shortcake contest after your valient effort; especially after going to all of the trouble of having your wife go to the store to buy the shortcakes. But just look at Jessica’s angelic face in those shades. Do you really think you stand a chance in THIS contest? Choose your battles wisely, sir.


    Rob (the first)

    • jessica May 9, 2012

      And you’re right, Rob: my pop does look very handsome in his sunglasses! 🙂

    • Pop May 9, 2012

      Ah yes, Rob the First, you have doused me in a hefty splash of reality! It is true: even the Brando-Pitt hybrid who is me in my shades is no adequate match for my daughter’s sunglassed splendor!

      Having seen the light through your gentle challenge, I admit defeat and surrender the fight!



      • jessica May 9, 2012

        lol, thanks, pop…and I guess I should thank you, too, Rob! 🙂

      • RTF May 10, 2012

        There is no shame in admitting defeat, sir. I admire your bravery for being willing to enter the field of battle against such a powerful foe. Unfortunately, there are some forces that are just too great to overcome. As she is your offspring, however, you really have no one to blame but yourself. 🙂

  6. Evangelina May 9, 2012

    Oooh! Fancy shmancy sunglasses 😀 I LOVE sunglasses…but I can’t do nice sunglasses…or sunglasses that cost more than $20 (and $20 is expensive to mee!) but it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I constantly lose and/or break my sunglasses.

    Currently my favorite pair is my GINORMOUS sunglasses I got from Spaceboy. They are HUGE! and TOTALLY obnoxious and I’m pretty sure I look terrible in them, but I don’t care because I love how ridiculous they are. A girl’s gotta have some fun with her wardrobe. I also like my red sunglasses (see my FB profile pic) because Ethan got them for me for Christmas one year and they are super cute.

    I know what you mean about whole creative/procrastination type deal, too. It was so nice to read that because sometimes I feel so guilty about how I spend my time.
    I write… a LOT… I plot stories in my head a LOT… I’ve got books full of characters and storylines just running around my brain… I play music and sing and dance a LOT…

    I should be cleaning… and working… and.. well, you know, all that responsible grown-up stuff. Meh.

    • jessica May 9, 2012

      Well…I think the stories and the songs and dances ARE really important. Maybe just as important as that other stuff–so as long as we make sure we do BOTH, then I think we’re okay.

      And “a girl’s gotta have some fun to her wardrobe”–RIGHT ON. I LOVE ridiculous stuff. Like huge sunglasses. And bright crazy patterned clothing. LOVE it. And when it’s a pair of bright red sunglasses from your son?! Well, then, perfect, I say:)

      And I’ve never had nice sunglasses before, so these I am vowing to take really good care of. I have them in a case at all times–and I have that fancy little cloth to wipe them down ,too. Fingers crossed!

    • jessica May 10, 2012

      “As she is your offspring, however, you really have no one to blame but yourself. ”

      lol–good point, rob! haha

  7. Marcus May 9, 2012

    I don’t know about you, but I finally bought a pair of nice sunglasses (Oakley’s) about a year and a half ago. And I STILL have them. I’m pretty sure that normally I would have gone through about 8 pairs by now. So, I do believe that in the long run a pair of nice glasses are a good investment, cause you make sure they’re kept whole and around! 🙂

    Hope everything is well with you! 🙂

    • jessica May 10, 2012

      No, I totally get your point. Already, I have kept these SO MUCH BETTER than all the other ones I’ve had (the ones that got away, so to speak). I keep them in their fancy case and I can tell that I am gonna really take of these fancy sun glasses:)

      And I am well, Marcus! Tired right now, as it’s 2 am, and I am just finishing this huge stack of paperwork, but I’m well. Hope you are well, too!

  8. Mandy May 14, 2012

    Those sunglasses are perfect for you!!

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